Games We Used To Play

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Date: August 18 2011

An abandoned parking lot, a field of grass, an alley way, or the side walk – these all have something in common: they can bring out the best in a child’s imagination if they’re given the opportunity to play.

Long before the availability of computers and hand-held games, long before the plethora of television channels, and long before at-home movie theaters, we played outside, either alone or with friends. And no matter what type of childhood we had, from the happiest to the difficult, we all had something in common: the desire to play.

We didn’t need many tools to play our games. A stick of chalk was great for making a hopscotch square, outlines for a ball game, or lines for races. A ball gave us the freedom to play games from soccer baseball to Stand-all. If we had no props, that didn’t stop us, because you don’t need props to play tag, British Bulldog, or Mother May I.

The funny thing about the games we used to play is that they weren’t restricted to just one part of the country or even one part of the world. What you may have played in Chicago, IL, is likely to have been played in Montreal, Canada; London, England; and in Rome, Italy. They may have had different names and a few different rules, but the basics of the game were – and likely still are – the same.

Games We Used to Play: A Hop, Skip and Jump Down Memory Lane is here to help you remember those games we used to play, when we didn’t need batteries or Internet connections. All we needed was some space and somewhere we could shout and laugh until it was time to go inside.