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Shark & Bopp (Pool Games)
Date: August 13 2014

Shark is played in a larger pool (we used to play in the community outdoor pool in suburban Montreal).  The game can be played the width of the pool or the length if it is a small pool.  One person is "it" or the "shark" and goes to the center and the other game participants go to one side of the pool. 

Depending on the width of the pool, the age of the participants and their swimming ability...

Kick -the - Can
Date: August 06 2014

You have a group of players (5+) would be best. You take an empty clean out can with one base still attached. One person will kick the can (from the established home base) as far as possible then as the one person runs to get the can the rest of the group will run and hide. The seeker looks for the peolple who are hiding once someone is found the two run to see who gets back to home base first,...

Date: January 20 2014

In Queens, we called it "Skelly." Because the best caps were heavy, we melted down crayons and poured the liquid into the middle of the cap. Sometimes, we added a penny, too, and boy could that bottle cap knock away any contenders. But instead of flicking our caps with our thumbs, we sent the caps forward with our first or second fingers by "shooting" them from our thumbs. Only problem was ......

Date: January 20 2014

Everyone gets a number. As the player who is It throws a rubber ball in the air and calls out someone's number. The person called has to go grab the ball while everyone else runs as far as they can. and calls out one player's number. Whent he called perosn grabs the ball, she yells SPUD, whereupon everyone has to freeze. The ball holder can take two giant steps toward any person, and then try...

Date: January 20 2014

So, one person is the octopus, and everyone else lines up on one side. Everyone tries to make it to the designated other side of wherever you are, and the octopus runs around trying to tag them before they reach it. If a runner gets tagged, they have to stop where they are, and they become seaweed, which can also tag people but can’t move from their spot. And usually the octopus would say who...

Date: January 20 2014

We used to play this for hours at my grandfather's.  It's a bunch of plastic sticks, thin, about a 8 inches long. You bunch them up and drop them. Then you each take turns trying to pick one up without disturbing any others.

Date: January 20 2014

You could play this alone, or with others. It involved a ball and seven variations on how to catch it. The first was just bouncing the ball off a wall and catching it. Second, throw the ball at the wall, let it bounce once, then catch it. Third, throw the ball up in the air and clap your hands once before catching it, then up in the air again, and clap twice, then again up and clap three times...

Date: January 20 2014

This was a version of hopscotch with a different chalk layout. I never played hopscotch so I don't know if the rules were different. With chalk you drew a long rectangle with a rounded section at one end, then rows of 2 squares, 1 square, 2 squares, and 1 at the end with the rounded section.

You threw a token on a given square (best token was a small chain from a tag, since it didn't bounce...

Red Rover
Date: January 20 2014

Two teams would face each other a fair distance apart. Each team would stand in a line holding hands. The leader on the first team would shout "Red Rover, Red Rover, let [name of chosen child] come over". The chosen kid would run over and try to break the handfold of two of the opposing team's players. If she succeeded, those two players would go back with her to her team. If not, she hand to...

Date: January 20 2014

One kid would spin another around by the arm, and the kid had to stay in the position he or she ended up in.