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Date: January 20 2014

No recollection, really, except that you'd yell, "Caught, caught, ringalevio, ringalevio, one, two, three!"

A My Name Is…
Date: January 20 2014

This game involved bouncing a basketball, while singing "A My Name Is..." You'd need so come up with a woman's name (ie, Amy), a "husband's name" (Al), where you come from ("Alabama") and what you sell ("We sell apples"). Repeat this process for each letter of the alphabet.

Stella Ella Olla
Date: January 19 2014

Growing up in Thornhill, Ontario in the 1980s, Stella Ella Olla was a favourite playground game. We'd sit crosslegged in a circle, hands on our knees, palms up overlapping left on our partner's right, and sing:

Stella ella olla
Quack quack quack
Say ess chico chico
Chico chico chack chack
Ess chico chico
Velo, velo, velo velo velo
Say one, two, three *slap*

As each word was sung,...

Alphabet game
Date: January 19 2014

Another keep-the-child-entertained-on-a-trip game. I was in NorthCentral Ohio at the time of playing this one.

The goal was to get all the letters of the alphabet in order from billboards and other street signs first. As we played it, only one person could use a sign, and we had to say it out loud. (I imagine saying it out loud was to keep me from cheating. I have played it with others who...

License Plate Game
Date: January 18 2014

This was a game to keep me occupied on a three-hour drive to my Grandma's house in central Ohio in the 40s. Each person picked a number. When a car came toward us with that number we could count it.  If the car were going in our direction, we had to pass the car to count the number. Of course that gave my dad, who was the driver, the advantage. However, though he would tease about not passing a...

Date: January 18 2014

Growing up in Montreal, we played a game with a piece of dressmaker's elastic. You held it on the ground, then at ankles, knees, arms length, hip, waist, underarm, shoulders, heads and above your head. The person who was "it" had to stand on one leg, and then get over the elastic. You could step over it, pull it down and clear it, but you could not put the other foot down until it was on the...

Run Sheep Run
Date: January 18 2014

We used to play this in the wooded dunes of western Michigan. You need a large area. Gather at "base" and divide into two teams. One team hides, except for one person who knows where the hiding place is and stays with the other team. Before hiding, the team works out code words meaning "cold," "warm" and "very warm." After the first team has hidden, the second team looks for them (all in a...

Red Rover
Date: January 18 2014

I remember standing in a line, hands held tightly, calling to the line across from us, "Red Rover, Red Rover, lie x come over."  And X would run and try to break our hold at some point.  If she couldn't she stayed our our team. I don't remember for sure what if she did, probably just went back to her team. Goal was to get everyone from the other team onto ours.

Double Dutch
Date: June 12 2013

Played with two skipping ropes.  Two people holding the ends.  The ropes were turned simultaneously, right then left.  A third person would jump in either from next to one of the turners, or if you were really good you could jump in right in the middle of the rope and jump over the ropes without tripping.  You could also do kind of a step hop skip, and if there were others waiting a turn, you...

I am going on a trip and I am taking…......
Date: November 18 2012


When traveling in the car for a long distance we would get restless so Mom would start us out on a series of games.

Our favorite was " I am going on a trip and I am taking".....each person playing would say what they were going to take, the next person would say what that first person said and add what they were going to take. This would continue in order... adding things as the game went...