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button button who has the button
Date: November 18 2012

Use a large button (easier to find)  ( white or a light bright color)

everyone covers their eyes except for the person hidding the button

when  the hider says "go" all players search  

the hider tells the players by name if they are close to the hidden button by saying you are warm, bringing up the heat or lowering it as they get closer or farther from the hiding place. 

whoever finds...

Date: August 23 2012

I don't remember the exact details of this game, so feel free to add or correct in the comments section. For this game, a large square was drawn on the road in chalk. The square was then divided into four smaller squares, like a window. One child took over each of the smaller squares and these became their territories. Traditionally, each child would give his or her territory the name of an...

7 Up
Date: August 23 2012

This game was played in school when the teacher had a few minutes til class was out.  All kids put their heads down on their desk and the teacher picks 7 kids to come around and tap one person each on the head.  Then the "tappers" go to the front and all the kids put their heads up.  The ones that were tapped stand up, and one by one they have one guess to see if they can pick the person who...

Mother’s Day 2012: Where do the children play
Date: May 15 2012

Videos aren't as common place from our childhoods as they are now. Maybe that's why they seem so precious.

An Internet friend of mine posted a link to this video created by her brother. With her permission, I am sharing it with you all. It's a lovely look back to children playing and a family connection. I hope you enjoy it. Just click on the image below.


Date: May 12 2012

Don't know why it was called skellies, but in Brooklyn in the 1950s, we played the game on the tarred street.

First, we drew a large box with chalk. At each corner of the box and in between each corner we drew a small box and put a number in each, beginning with the number 1. which gave us eight boxes on the fringes.

In the center of the large box, we drew a box the same size as the ones on...

Red, White & Blue Ball in a Stocking
Date: May 04 2012

This was a solitary game.  The ball was put in the stocking and  you stood against a wall and flung it over your head, under your arm, between your legs, etc.  There may have been a rhyme you said and when you missed, it was the other person's turn.

Elastic Jump Rope
Date: May 04 2012

We tied elastics together to make a long rope.  One person on each end would hold the elastic at their feet, ankle, knee, waist, under arm, shoulder, head and arm straight up. 

The object was for the others to jump the elastic.  If you missed, you had to take an end. 

Date: May 04 2012

You drilled a hole in a chestnut and tied and string to it.  The game was to try to break somone elses chestnut.  The string was held in one hand and the chestnut was flung at the target chestnut much like a catapult. 

Skipping - rural southwest Ontario
Date: April 24 2012

I enjoyed skipping and liked this rhyme that we used: "Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around..."
We probably had a lot of skipping rhymes, but this is one I remember. We didn't often get our pictures taken so I have no photo of being engaged in this activity.

Red Rover or British Bulldog - which was better?
Date: April 24 2012

I was having a debate with someone the other day over the differences between the games Red Rover and British Bulldog.

I know that we spent hours playing both, although this game was more popular with the boys than with the girls. We were only invited - albeit very reluctantly - if there weren't enough boys to play. And, of course, we were targeted because not only were we girls, we were...