Games We Used To Play

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I Spy!
Date: September 06 2011

I Spy was a game we often played while in the car, a waiting room, or when we just couldn’t think of anything else to do that didn’t involve running around. It’s a very simple game that young children could play. You could make it as difficult or easy as you wanted it to be.

Later on, books and game boards came out with this concept. You would have a big image with lots of details in it, many...

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?
Date: August 23 2011

Another game for young children, this game was played inside or out, but outside gave you more space to play.

One person would be named Mr. Wolf. He or she stood at one end of the play area, facing away from everyone else. All the other children would gather at the other end of the play area. When the game began, a child would call out “What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Mr. Wolf’s response would...

Capture the Flag
Date: August 23 2011

This game seems to have many names – what did you call it? As children get older, this game seems to have more appeal when it’s played at night, when it’s harder to get caught.

Capture the Flag is an outdoor game because you need a lot of space, but it helps to have some trees and rocks to help make the game fun. Some people play it with just a few friends (two or three people on each team),...

Mother May I?
Date: August 19 2011

Mother May I was a game we played when we were younger and it was usually a small group of girls who played it, although some boys who had nothing else to do may have gotten roped into participating. You needed a fairly long area, but a walkway in front of someone’s home was often a good spot, as was a driveway or laneway. I don’t recall playing this game at school. It was more one that we...

British Bulldog
Date: August 19 2011

Many of our games were played in wide-open spaces, such as schoolyards or empty fields. These areas allowed us to run off excess energy, involve many children, and not have to use any tools or toys. This is one of those games that need as many kids as is possible but not too many as to overwhelm the space.

I grew in a suburb and there was a large piece of land in front of our house that was...

Date: August 19 2011

Many children brought rubber balls to school. They were often the red, white and blue ones – hard if they hit you with them, but great for bouncing. Now, the children who play this game most often use a tennis ball because you can get them just about anywhere.

You needed a big area with a brick wall that (preferably!) had no windows. Someone would throw the ball against the brick wall and...